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Meet Trish

Trish began her journey in the beauty industry in 2002 when she qualified from the Cork College of Commerce in CIBTAC Skin Treatments. Having spent a number of years working in the beauty salon industry she spent most of her career working for the multinational L’Oréal heading up territory sales for two of their leading skincare divisions. Skin was always a deep passion of Trish’s and so in recent years she upskilled at the renowned Brownyn Conroy College of Beauty in Dublin and went on to run the in-house skin salon there.

Trish always saw the need for a skin-specific clinic, having worked extensively with clients for many years and having guided many women in a complete skin transformation. Our skin is such an integral part of our being – it’s the first part of us that someone will see, and Trish believes when a woman feels good about her skin she can feel absolutely amazing internally, as well as externally.

Her service is not just about getting results for your skin. Trish has put huge emphasis on creating a calm, welcoming environment for her clients and her desire is that they leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and happy they took time for self care. 

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Trish provides clinical treatments using world renowned equipment, advanced skincare products, and traditional touch therapy to get her clients the best possible results for healthy skin. Bespoke facials are custom designed at every appointment so two facials are the same, Trish creates each treatment according to her client’s skins’ needs at that time.

“My approach is a holistic one. Bringing clients on a journey to healthy glowing skin is paramount to what I do. But my passion also encompasses the entire wellbeing of the client, so providing a relaxing environment and taking care of each client is also of huge importance to me. My desire is that everyone leaves feeling great on the outside, but equally as important, that they are glowing inside too!” 

Mum to two young children, Trish understands the dynamics of busy lifestyles and how taking care of ourselves can sometimes come second fiddle to everything else. A firm believer in the importance of looking after our own wellbeing in order to look after others, her approach to her service is consistent with her own personal approach to healthy living and general wellbeing. She is at home in every sense when she is surrounded by family and friends. She loves nothing more than walking in nature and staying fit and healthy and exercise is key in Trish’s life. She lives in Greystones, Co. Wicklow with her husband Sean and children Bobby & Lucy.

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"Just to say I love your skincare range. The smell of it is divine! And the texture. I can't believe I have a skincare regime now! And honestly I can feel the difference already. I had never used a serum before. I never knew why they were important i.e. because, as you explained, the molecules are smaller and penetrate the skin better."